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Toyota used rental forklifts get a lift

Published: June 12th, 2013

8FBN-2AB Equipment has always maintained a commitment towards ensuring the longterm safety and reliability of its Toyota and BT brands. The company’s reputation for providing good quality, used ex-rental forklifts to a “Signature Class” standard has meant “peace of mind” for customers who simply cannot justify the purchase of new equipment.

As well as being the largest supplier of forklifts in New Zealand, AB Equipment also has access to the country’s largest fleet of ex-rental forklifts, which have been refurbished, for re-sale nationwide once their rental term has expired. Refurbished Toyota and BT forklifts are available throughout all AB Equipment branches in New Zealand, with models ranging from 1.8 to five tonnes’ lift capacity in both battery/electric, petrol/LPG and diesel configurations. The forklifts are available with a full service history due to being maintained by the company throughout the course of their rental life.

For a lot of businesses, the purchase of a new forklift is too expensive and not viable to consider, leaving a used forklift as the only possible buying option. Many used forklifts available on the market are often purchased in less than an acceptable condition and can be a safety hazard that can easily lead to workplace accidents resulting in serious ramifications for the owner/employer.

The physical difference between a new or used Toyota or BT forklift can sometimes be hard to spot. With purchase prices sometimes as much as 60 percent less than the initial new cost, potential customers can be excused for thinking that the forklift they are purchasing looks just like a new one! The refurbished forklifts are offered with an on-going maintenance programme and in some instances a warranty, subject to special conditions.

AB Equipment has won many international awards from Toyota and BT for its customer support initiatives as a result of having superior workshop facilities, meaningful customer retention programmes and a better continuity of parts supply. As a consequence, customers have more confidence when considering refurbished forklifts as a serious investment option.