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Tigercat unveils new 880 Forestry Carrier

Published: May 25th, 2013

10Following successful trials in British Columbia, Tigercat has put its prototype 880 logger into production.

Tigercat has designed the 880 as a purpose built forestry carrier that solves many of the problems experienced by owners of converted excavators and involved its British Columbia distributor and numerous contractors in the early phase of evaluation.

Throughout the design process, review meetings were held with these groups to ensure design work was meeting everyone’s expectations. Tigercat Advanced Engineering Manager, Grant Somerville explains that while this process lengthened the design stage “the end result was a machine that met the requirements with a few surprises.”

Blue Valley Enterprises Limited purchased the prototype 880 during the design phase of the project, which is operating the machine near Vanderhoof, BC and field results have been extremely positive. From an operating standpoint the 880 is viewed as a very stable carrier with excellent lift capacity at the extended reach that performs well beyond its size classification. Operators also commented on the quiet operating environment and excellent visibility.

The 224Kw (300hp) 880 logger can be equipped for shovel logging, loading or processing with a live heel, power clam, but-n-top or processing attachment. The larger engine significantly increases machine productivity and travel speed relative to excavator conversions, while delivering excellent fuel efficiency, says Tigercat.

One of the innovative design features of the new 880 is the closed loop swing drive system. This system eliminates energy loss from swing relief valves during swing acceleration and recovers energy stored in the swinging boom and upper frame assembly during braking. The dedicated swing drive system also reserves all main hydraulic pump flow for boom and attachment functions, increasing speed and productivity. Another energy saving feature is the hydraulically driven and computer controlled variable speed, reversing cooling fan. Air intakes and outlets are large for optimal cooling airflow.

Tigercat designed a new undercarriage, called the F7-163, with 334kN tractive effort and an overall width of 3,630mm with standard track pads. The super-duty FH400 track components were taken directly from the 870C series bunchers.

The cab forward design, combined with the main boom curvature, provides excellent visibility throughout the operator’s working sight line. The expansive, comfortable, ergonomic cab interior is designed to minimise strain and fatigue during long shifts.

One of the design criteria for the 880 was to create a machine with better service access and component layout than any competing machines. Thus, the 880 is equipped with independent power-operated side door and bonnet openings, exposing the entire engine compartment for direct and convenient access to the engine, hydraulic pumps, valves and cooling system. All daily service points can be accessed through the side door. The layout also separates the hydraulic system components from hot engine parts.

With 10 x Tigercat 880 loggers now working in British Colombia in all applications and preforming well and another 5 soon to be delivered in Canada, the first 880 logger manufactured for export has been sold and is due to land into New Zealand early June 2012.

For further information contact Tigercat Product Manager, Mark Hill on 0275 030483.