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Sumitomo’s Unique Paver Designs Meet New Zealand Conditions

Published: August 12th, 2013

Sumitomo PaverNew Zealand distributor AB Equipment has recently delivered their first-ever Sumitomo HA60W-7 Asphalt Paver to a regional construction company, The Pavemasters. Based in the Palmerston North region, The Pavemasters specialize in all residential and commercial paving projects from major roadwork developments to residential driveways.

According to The Pavemasters Managing Director Milton Passey, the company conducted a thorough investigation into all available brands before making a decision in favor of the Sumitomo HA60W-7. The customer also took into account the excellent reputation of Sumitomo excavators, plus the accessibility of the AB Equipment network of service locations across the region.

A major feature was the tare weight, which is around 3000 kgs lighter than the competition, meaning that it has the advantage of portability on the company’s standard 8-wheel transporter. The screed lift height was also the highest amongst those reviewed, and again is easily loaded onto transport vehicles.

Milton Passey was also impressed with the new-design three-section screed that can be freely extended from 2.3 to 6 meters without any extra screed extension equipment required. He felt that it was fantastic that he could now move the screed in or out whilst the paver was still in operation and without damaging the recently laid surface. The electrically heated screed also heats up very quickly and is very easily controlled, which makes for an even surface for the paving process from start to finish.

Another feature of the Sumitomo HA60W-7 is the low height (460mm) of the hopper. Thanks to this new design, the operators at The Pavemasters have found that it has now become easier than ever before to feed in asphalt material from a greater range of truck sizes. The same goes with the turning circle, which has  roven exceptional. The HA60W-7 has been shown to be extremely maneuverable as well as controllable and tight when laying a mat. In an additional advantage to what The Pavemasters consider to be a stunning piece of equipment, the controls that are located across the rear of the paver are easily accessible and easy to use.

The Pavemasters can rest assured that the new model will achieve at least a 7% improvement in fuel consumption over previous models. This is made possible with the ‘Space 5’ engine that combines a common rail high compression fuel injection system, an exhaust gas reticulation system, and a turbo engine with inter-cooler function to deliver overall improvements in durability and reliability.