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Independent Liquor replenishes it

Published: May 27th, 2013

8Independent Liquor has recently undergone a review of its forklift fleet following a decision to lease rather than purchase. This meant not only getting competitive quotes to update the majority of its more than 30 materials handling units, but also doing a thorough examination of its future servicing requirements.
“For us Toyota has always been the perfect fit,” says NZ Logistics Manager, Gareth Insley. “In addition to this we have also enjoyed a good relationship with the team at AB Equipment for many years. The review process showed that although AB Equipment might not have been the cheapest but neither were they the most expensive,” said Gareth Insley. “However their appreciation of what we wanted to achieve spoke volumes for their commitment which in the end determined the final outcome.
The first stage consisted of replacing the existing equipment with a mix of 12 new Toyota 1.5 ton and 2.5 ton forklifts, 10 Raymond battery electric order pickers and 2 BT high level reach trucks that can go to a height of 8.5 metres. In addition to that we also acquired a factory fitted Toyota three stage mast forklift that can reach six metres high. We are currently looking at options with AB Equipment for another, but different, racking configuration in another area of the storage operation.”
According to Gareth Insley the new contract with AB Equipment is working well. “We have a monthly review meeting which helps us to anticipate future needs in advance of them happening. Independent Liquor, operating its manufacturing and distribution from a 10 hectare plant in Red Hills, Papakura is a dynamic business which is currently in the middle of a growth phase. In September 2011 Asahi Group Holdings Ltd acquired Independent Liquor as part of its stable of global premium brands. Asahi is a leading alcohol and soft drinks manufacturer, which in addition to being well known as a brewer, has a strong whisky and spirits portfolio.
In New Zealand Independent Liquor is the number one player in RTD’s, number two in spirits and liqueurs combined and number three in beer. Key brands are Woodstock, Cody’s, Vodka Cruiser, Carlsberg, NZ Pure, Seagers, Black Heart and Martineau. Independent Liquor is also proud of the fact that it exports around 15% of its products to overseas destinations such as Australia, United States of America and Canada.
States of America and Canada, in addition to an export business se
For further information on the Toyota, BT and Raymond forklift range call 0800 30 30 90 or contact your nearest AB Equipment branch.