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Drainage Contractor Shows Confidence in Sumitomo for Christchurch Rebuild

Published: June 3rd, 2013

A calculated decision by previously Auckland based drainage contractor, Rockhard Civil and Drainage Limited to relocate the majority of its operations to Christchurch has resulted in a number of benefits.

“After initially helping out with a few projects in the region it was decided that a full move to the Garden City long term was in the company’s best interests,” says Rockhard owner, Phillip George. “From an initial staff of 4 we now have 30 people in our employ. Not only have we had the satisfaction of being able to offer jobs to local residents but also the feeling of being part of something new and vibrant.”

“Much of the equipment used on our last big project, the Victoria Park tunnel was moved to Christchurch but because of the nature and sheer volume of the work here the purchase further machinery has been necessary.”

Preferring the reliability and cost efficiencies of Sumitomo, Rockhard recently purchased a Sumitomo 210LC Dash 5 to join an ever-expanding fleet of Sumitomo excavators for the challenges that lie ahead. The Sumitomo SH210 Dash 5 is very popular amongst construction contractors and according to Phillip George, the Sumitomo SH210 Dash 5 gives new meaning to the words ‘fuel efficiency’ with savings for him of up to 15% in some cases. He is also very impressed with the quietness of the equipment and claims no major maintenance issues since the purchase of one of the first Sumitomo Dash 5 excavators that were introduced over 5 years ago.

Distributed throughout New Zealand by AB Equipment Limited, the Sumitomo SH Dash 5 Series excavator has been described as an extremely well packaged machine that combines exceptional performance with lower operating costs and improved operator comfort. This is made possible though the introduction of the powerful SPACE 5-Advanced Engine System that is specifically designed to deliver improved durability and reliability.

Additionally, the SIHS (Sumitomo Intelligent Hydraulic System) is designed to improve the operators workload with an 8% increase in bucket digging force, a 24% increase in bucket closing speed, a 4% increase in traction force and a 7% improvement in arm closing speeds under heavy excavation, with a 5% increase in workload performance using SP (Speed Priority) mode.

Another interesting aspect of the Sumitomo Dash 5 excavator is the improved EMS (Easy Maintenance System) which keeps the pins and bushes lubricated at all times, thereby minimising wear and further extending their life. Safety is also a key part of the Sumitomo, with the inclusion of an anti- theft system as standard, along with the easier entry and exit from the cab and better access to the upper structure that are all designed to provide the operator with more protection.

The 13 tonne Sumitomo SH135X and the Sumitomo 21 tonne SH210-5LC are two excavators that have also been well received and meet the demands of a wide range of construction applications. The 13 tonne units have proven ideal for urban work, with their minimal tail swing.

Rockhard Civil and Drainage Limited specialises in replacing damaged main sewer lines in residential areas. Currently Rockhard is working on the ‘Wigram Skies’ industrial/ residential mixed development. ‘Wigram Skies’ was planned prior to the earthquake but has been fast tracked because of the need to rehouse people from the Red Zone and to give greater stability for the commercial market.

The sale of a Sumitomo is merely the start of the relationship AB Equipment has with their customers. Their fleet of over 120 service vehicles are manned by quality technicians working from 16 strategically located workshops throughout New Zealand. For more information on the Sumitomo SH Dash 5 range call 0800 30 30 90 or contact your nearest AB Equipment branch