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Doosan ADT: Helping haul with confidence

Published: July 12th, 2013

DoosanThe Doosan Articulated Dump Truck (ADT) lineup offers large load capacities in all weight class categories and is designed for superior power and traction. Each model boasts reliable, dependable and costeffective operations. Backed by more than 40 years of excellence in the ADT market, Doosan articulated dump trucks are built for extreme hauling conditions. They are ideal for construction sites, road projects, mass excavation, mining and quarrying environments.

Loaded with innovative design and technical advantages, these hardworking machines deliver performance enhancements that help boost a company’s competitive edge and, ultimately, a project’s bottom line. The overriding benefit of Doosan articulated dump trucks is said to be the freeswinging rear tandem bogie, which keeps the rear wheels in contact with the ground, and provides a smoother ride in very rough or soft terrain. This leads to increased stability as the truck moves across roadways and jobsites.

A sloping rear frame, in combination with the track width, provides a lower centre of gravity. This increases lateral stability and eliminates the need for wide, low profile tyres. The advanced drive-line design also ensures maximum traction performance and durability. The articulation joint is positioned behind the turning ring to provide equal weight distribution, even during maximum turning. It also ensures maximum contact between the front wheels and the ground for optimum traction.

Doosan ADTs have a Vehicle Control Unit (VCU) that acts as the main control centre for the machine. The VCU is linked to the display in the operator cab and provides easy viewing of the truck’s key machine functions. It actively communicates with the machine to  help maintain and service it, such as greasing key components.

One of the most important functions owners and operators can do to extend their equipment life and  maximise productivity and efficiency is practicing regular maintenance. Doosan ADTs are designed to make maintenance easy, with remote-mounted service points that allow general servicing to be completed at ground level. Whether an operator faces long days or rugged jobsites, they’re sure to stay comfortable in a Doosan ADT. The cabin design and independent front suspension system offers near-unparalleled levels of operator comfort. Features include air conditioning, an air-suspension seat, precise steering, good visibility and low noise levels. A sloping hood provides an excellent view from the cab too. Fully automatic climate control and a rubber suspension cab mounting also work to provide improved operating conditions.