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AB Equipment going up in the world of on-line driver training

Published: May 23rd, 2013

AB Equipment Going Up In The WorldIn Between two Trans-Tasman trips this month, NZ Cargo magazine was supposed to have a look at some forklifts through our good old friends at AB Equipment, but that wasn’t going to happen.

You see while filing tax returns, dropping off vehicles all over the place and handling all the itinerary printouts, Big Ed managed to let his forklift licence lapse, and after chatting with AB Equipment, letting licenses lapse is not uncommon, just like passports really. Anyway, on making an apology to AB Equipment and explaining the circumstances, we were told, “well if a license is the only problem, we can sort that out for you – have you checked our website for our online training link?” Puzzled, but intrigued, we went to www.abequipment.co.nz to find out more. AB Equipment’s online booking system for special vehicle licensing covered all manner of wheel, roller and track vehicles, as well as dangerous goods licensing, and of course, forklifts. How convenient!

Naturally, you have to go in for the practical aspects of the training, but by simply filling in your course requirements, a few details about you as the applicant and then just clicking one of the three payment options (on-line through DPS, via invoice or on the day of the course) and off goes your preferred date for training request into the ether. Somewhere in cyberspace, your request is directed to Eilish at AB Equipment who in response generates an electronic “you’re accepted” email with an outline of the course you’ll soon be taking, the date, the payment details and what have you.

In face, it’s pretty close to making an on line air booking, only a darned sight easier! We know, we’ve just booked Big Ed in for next month! It doesn’t matter if you are an individual, a corporate or anything in between, the online driver training booking system is fast, efficient, cost competitive and simple. The booking system has taken about six months from concept to delivery, and has been developed by Wired, a web solutions provider out of Christchurch at the request of AB Equipment’s IT division, who first came up wtih the idea.

“We are seeing the internet as being a much more valuable tool for our existing customers,” says Nick Stewart of AB Equipment’s IT and Business Systems division. “The online booking system is another tool for them to utilise, and it allows us to reach new potential customers, as well.” With the system as a platform, we’re able to reach new customers through a variety of tocuh points: traditional by letter, online and via email and in the not too distant future SMS texting – all of which are especially useful when it comes to license reminders, new marketing and promotional concepts.:

Dealer principal for AB Equipment’s Auckland branch, Chris Sansome, is enthusiastic when it comes to the potential of the booking system and indeed AB Equipment’s online presence as a whole. “While many of our customers are aware of who we are and what we do, opening up our industry electronically allows us to better facilitate product and services to those customers, but also expand awareness to new markets.”

And on that note, for those who may not have encountered AB Equipment before, you might want to think about doing so at any of the 17 branches up and down the country. Any of the branches can supply and service AB Equipment’s extensive product line up, facilitate driver licensing, and conduct on site assessments to ensure your operation enjoys the most cost effective solution when it comes to materials handling and ongoing personnel training.